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View your call and text message logs
View your call and text message logs

jmc's Message Center keeps a log of all call and text messages sent to your students and families giving you a record of past communication.

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Whether a phone call or text message is sent from jmc Office or our mobile apps, you can always find the details of past communication in the Message Center! The Message Log allows you to monitor and view reports on how many call and text messages have been sent out and who received the messages.

To view your call and text message logs go to jmc Office and head to Message Center > Messaging Logs.

Step One: Select the message log type you'd like to view using the drop-down list at the top of the page.

  • Call Log: view the phone, text to voice, and recorded phone calls made to your contacts and students by your school staff.

  • Text Message Log: view the text messages sent out to your contacts and students from your school staff.

Step Two: Enter the "From Date" and "To Date" in the appropriate fields to filter the date range of the logged messages you'd like to view or click the calendar icon to specify a date using a calendar view.

Step Three: View how each call or text message was received by your contacts and students in the log list in the center of the page.

Fun Fact: The page automatically refreshes or click the "Refresh" button to update the log list with the most current information.

Step Four: Click the "Print" button to print the call or text log to keep for your records.

Fun Fact: The log list allows you to view the student's and family's name, the status of the message, who the message was sent by and from, and the date the message was sent.

Helpful Tip: When sending out phone calls, jmc will call a contact three times in a 30-minute period if they do not answer or their voicemail does not pick up so you might see it listed in the log a few times.

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