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Edit contacts to receive voice and text messages
Edit contacts to receive voice and text messages

Set up your families to receive both voice and text messages sent from the Message Center on any of the contact phone numbers.

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When getting started with the jmc Message Center, contact phone numbers are not automatically set to receive voice and text messages. If you'd like families to begin receiving various school communications you will need to specify what communication type they should receive and how.

Let's explore how easy it is to edit contacts to begin receiving Message Center messages by going in jmc Office to Attendance > Contacts > Edit Contacts.

Step One: Select the contact you'd like to receive messages by entering their name in the "Find" drop-down list.

Fun Fact: To easily switch between contacts, click the arrow button to switch to the next or previous contact alphabetically.

Step Two: Place a checkmark in the "SMS (Text Message)" checkbox if this contact's phone number can receive text messages.

Step Three: Place a checkmark in the "Emergency/Weather Related", "Student Related", and "General School Information" checkboxes for each type of message this contact's phone number would like to receive.

Step Four: Click the "Save" button to update the specified contact's messaging settings.

Helpful Tip: Minimize data entry by encouraging families to set their own notification preferences in the jmc Family portal.

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