The jmc Message Center allows you to record phone messages for various communication and emergency purposes, such as school closings, delayed start, or early releases. These messages can be scheduled to be sent out at a specific time or to send out immediately to keep your students and families up-to-date with school information.

Step One: Call your Message Center "Phone Number" assigned to you by jmc.

Helpful Tip: Need to find your jmc assigned phone number and access code? Head to File > Administrator Options in the "Phone Dialer Settings" link.

Step Two: Enter the "Access Code" on the phone’s keypad when prompted.

Step Three: Record or use a saved message by following the voice prompts and enter an action, such as 1 to record a new message or 2 to use a saved message.

Step Four: Press the # key on your phone’s keypad when finished recording for further options.

Fun Fact: Your message will playback for your review so you can make sure it's ready for your contacts to hear!

Step Five: Select what to do next with your message when you are done recording:

  • To confirm and send the message: press 1 on the phone’s keypad, then specify which contacts will receive the message

    • 1 for Emergency / Weather Related contacts

    • 2 for Student Related contacts

    • 3 for General School Information contacts

  • To save the message for later: press 2 on the phone’s keypad

  • To hear the message again: press 3 on the phone’s keypad

  • To re-record the message: press 4 on the phone’s keypad

  • To cancel the message: press 5 on the phone’s keypad

Helpful Tip: Saved messages will now appear in Message Center > Manage Phone Recordings and/or Message Center > Send Messages in the Recorded Phone Calls list to begin using.

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