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Through the jmc Message Center, you can record and send personalized phone messages to students and contacts.

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Are you seeking a personal and dependable method to keep families up-to-date? Record phone messages in your own voice to share crucial information or emergencies, such as school closures, delayed openings, and lockdowns. Keep these recorded messages for future reference in the Message Center or Admin/Connect app to allow families to receive prompt updates on important information, enriched with the personal touch of your voice!

Head to File > Administrator Options and click the "Phone Dialer Settings" link to get started recording a voice message.

Step One: Call the Message Center "Phone Number" assigned to you by jmc to access the voice recording menu and begin recording your custom voice message.

Step Two: Enter the "Access Code" on the phone’s keypad when prompted to gain access to the voice recording option.

Step Three: Press "1" on your phone's keypad to record a new message.

Fun Fact: To save time, previously recorded voice messages can be sent by pressing "2" on the phone's keypad when prompted.

Step Four: Press the "#" key on your phone's keypad to review your message and access additional options.

Step Five: Press "1" on the phone's keypad, then determine the recipients to confirm and distribute the message:

  • 1 for contacts related to Emergencies/Weather

  • 2 for contacts related to Students

  • 3 for contacts related to General School Information

If you wish to save the message for future use, press "2" on the keypad. To replay your message, press "3." If you want to re-record your message, press "4." To completely cancel your message, press "5" on the keypad.

Helpful Tip: Head to the Manage Phone Recordings page in the jmc Office Message Center to review, delete, and rename saved messages.

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