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Enter and edit period attendance in jmc Office
Enter and edit period attendance in jmc Office

Mark students absent or tardy for periods of any day, and include an optional reason and comment.

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One of the most common tasks for office professionals is keeping track of student attendance. jmc Office is the perfect tool for this!

A single page allows you to track and edit student absences, and even include a reason for and a comment about the absence. Editing can be done for a student, a day, a grade level, or an activity to help you efficiently track and edit period attendance. The absence or tardiness reason, along with a comment, may be applied to an entire day or to specific periods.

To enter or edit student attendance, begin in jmc Office and proceed to Period Attendance > Data > Edit Attendance.

Step One: Select a radio button to choose the group of students for whom you'd like to edit attendance. Then fill out the appropriate fields and drop-down lists.

  • Student: mark a selected student absent for any day during the school year

  • Day: mark any students absent for a selected day

  • Grade: mark all students in a grade range absent for a day

  • Activity: mark all students in a selected activity absent for a day

  • Course: mark all students from an entire course absent for a day

Helpful Tip: Many office professionals choose to do attendance for the "Day," since it defaults to the current day and shows all students who are present, absent, and tardy.

Step Two (optional): Select a Tag group using the "Tag" drop-down list to filter the list of students in the Find list.

Step Three: Select the name of the student or day from the "Find" list to select the student or day to enter attendance for.

Step Four: Click the "Add" button to add the selected student or day to begin marking attendance.

Step Five: Select the appropriate absence or tardy option under the "All Day" or period(s) column(s) to mark the student absent or tardy for all or part of a day.

  • Pres: present (not absent or tardy)

  • Abs E: excused absence

  • Abs U: unexcused absence

  • Tdy E: excused tardy

  • Tdy U: unexcused tardy

Step Six: Select an absence reason from the "Reasons" list box, then click the "Reasons" field below the "All Day" or period(s) column to enter the explanation for a student's absence.

Step Seven (optional): Enter a comment in the "Comments" box to further detail a student's absence.

Helpful tip: When a comment is entered you'll see red asterisks above the comments area as a visual reminder that a comment has been entered.

A few fun facts

  • No need to look for a "Save" button, period attendance will auto-save for you!

  • Teachers submit their attendance from the classroom, but you in jmc Office have the final say to edit, add, or delete any record to ensure accuracy of your attendance records.

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