Office professionals will be excited to use this time-saving feature to send communication to families regarding student attendance issues. You decide when a letter should go out and what the letter should say and jmc will do the heavy lifting of sifting through all student attendance data to find the students who need to receive the communication!

Form Designer > Student Info Forms works in conjunction with Attendance > Reports > Form Letter and Period Attendance > Reports > Form Letter in the jmc Office module to create and send the communication. No manually tallying absences and typing up letter after letter. Attendance form letters does the hard work for you!

  • Do you want to send a letter home after 3 absences? After 3 tardies? Differentiate between excused and unexcused absences! You make the call!

  • Use Form Designer to create any number of custom letters to send to parents relaying important attendance information once students reach your predetermined threshold for absences or tardies.

  • Create one letter and use it as the template for future use!

  • Report attendance using the Attendance module or the Period Attendance module daily.

  • Use the Reports > Form Letter feature in either the Attendance or Period Attendance module to run attendance reports and send emails and/or letters simultaneously!

  • Run reports multiple times throughout the term and send communication regularly without sending duplicate communication to students that have already received a letter!

  • Send communication by grade, by advisor, or select specific students.

  • Create a discipline record of the attendance communication in real-time!

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