Your team has successfully recorded attendance in the Period Attendance module so it's now time to create period attendance form letters to notify families of potential attendance issues and patterns. Utilize jmc's Form Designer to create a form matching your district's personality and set criteria deciding who should receive the form so you don't have to wade through attendance reports!

Create your period attendance form letters by logging in to jmc Office and head to Form Designer > Student Info Forms to get started.

Step One: Click the "New Form" button to begin creating your new absent/tardy form letter.

Helpful Tip: Want to use an existing form? Select the form to use from the "Form" drop-down list.

Step Two: Select a "Blank Form" to start your form letter from scratch or choose an existing form to use as a template using the "Select Form template" drop-down list in the "New Form" pop up.

Step Three: Enter a name for the form letter in the "Enter Form Name" field to easily identify it later in jmc Office.

Step Four: Click the “Save” button to use your new form letter name or click the "Cancel" button to discard your changes.

Step Five: Select the "Portrait" or "Landscape" radio button to indicate the orientation of your form letter.

Step Six: Select the "Letter" or "Legal" radio button to indicate the size of the paper for the form letter to print on.

Step Seven: Click and drag items to customize your form letter from the item list on the side.

Step Eight: Click and drag "<<Per Attend – Abs/Tdy>>" onto your form letter to include excused and/or unexcused absences and/or tardies for specific data and reasons.

Step Nine: Select "Day From", "Day To", and "Reasons" from the appropriate list boxes to set the attendance criteria in the "Select Attendance Criteria" pop up.

Step Ten: Select the "Excused", "Unexcused," or "Both" radio buttons to designate which type of absence or tardy to include on the form letter.

Step Eleven: Enter the minimum number of absences or tardies needed before a student is eligible to receive the form letter in the "Range" field.

Step Twelve: Specify how the range is to be applied when choosing students to receive your form letter from the "Total Type" drop-down list.

Helpful Tip: The "Range" number can be applied one of two ways.

  • "Total": a student's total number of times absent or tardy throughout the whole day

  • "For A Period": the total number of times a student is absent or tardy in any one period

Step Thirteen (optional): If "For A Period" was selected in the "Total Type" drop-down list then select a specific period from the "Period to Check" drop-down list to only consider absences occurring during the selected period or select "All" to consider any period.

Step Fourteen: Place a checkmark in the "Include Student Detail" checkbox to include a detailed list of the student’s attendance on the form letter when printed.

Helpful Tip: This will include a period-by-period breakdown for every day where at least one absence or tardy was recorded including the reason to see the student's attendance history.

Step Fifteen: Place a checkmark in the "Include Summary" checkbox to include total absences per period on the form letter when printed to view potential patterns.

Step Sixteen: Click the "Save" button to save and add your attendance criteria changes to the form letter or click the "Cancel" button to exit the "Select Attendance Criteria" pop-up.

Step Seventeen: Click the "Save" button to save your absent/tardy period attendance form letter.

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