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Manually entering individual student immunization records
Manually entering individual student immunization records

When importing immunization records isn't possible, enter individual immunization records for a student.

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Tracking immunizations allows you to store information for your students for easy reference and to run compliance checks for non-compliant students. Often times you can import immunizations from your state immunization repository. But for those times you can't import, using the "Edit Student Immunizations" page is the place to go to edit or add immunization records for just one student or a handful of students!

To begin, log in to jmc Office and head to Health > Immunizations > Edit Student Immunizations. Let's look at how to enter everything from the immunization type, to the dosage, to where it was administered.

Step One: Enter the name of a student in the "Find" field for whom you'd like to enter an immunization record.

Step Two: Click the "Edit" link to edit an existing immunization or click the "Add Row" link to enter a new immunization record.

Step Three: Select the specific immunization that you would like to add or edit using the "Immunization" drop-down list.

Step Four: Enter the date of the immunization record in the "Date (Age)" field.

Fun Fact: The allowable date formats are "mm/dd/yyyy", "mm/yyyy", or "yyyy".

Step Five (optional): Select an exemption reason using the "Exemption" drop-down list if the student has a legitimate exemption from receiving the immunization.

Step Six: Select a dosage of the administered immunization under the "Dosage" drop-down list to indicate how much of the vaccine was administered.

Step Seven: Place a checkmark in the "Administered at School" checkbox if the immunization was administered at school.

Step Eight: Place a checkmark in the "Immunization is Valid" checkbox if you recognize the immunization is being valid for the student.

Step Nine: Enter the source of the immunization in the "Source" field to document where the immunization information came from.

Step Ten: Enter additional comments about the immunization record in the "Comments" field to add further detail or context to the immunization record.

Step Eleven: Click the "Update" link to save your changes to this student's immunization record or click the "Cancel" link to discard your changes.

Step Twelve: Click the "Print" button to print the student immunization records or click the "Export" button to export the list of immunizations to a CSV file.

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