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Getting started in the Tuition/Fees module
Getting started in the Tuition/Fees module

jmc Office users can use this powerful tool to manage their budgets and accounts and to assign and accept fees.

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The Tuition and Fees module in jmc Office allows users to create fees, assign a price based on free/reduced status, assign the fees with a bulk loading feature, edit and enter fees into student and family accounts, and more!

The Tuition and Fees module allows schools to easily track tuition and fees for students and families. Users define and set up their own fees---fee types can include school tuition, library fines, activity fees, and more. Charge fees throughout the school year, print reports, and maintain accounts, all from within the module. Schools that have purchased the jmc Family portal can give families online access to fee transactions and account balances.

To learn more, log in to jmc Office and head to the Tuition/Fees module.

Creating Fee Accounts

While not necessary, creating fee accounts can help organize your school's fees by creating coded groups to hold similar fees. Talk with your business manager about how to get started! Grouping fees by bank account is a popular practice because all fee transactions for the bank account are subtotaled on reports.

Setting up Student Fee Accounts
Most students will already be in the jmc data for the current year; however, new students will need to be added to the database before they can use their fee accounts.

Setting up Family Accounts
The accounts for families will need to be established if fee transactions for all family members are to be drawn from one central account. After initializing family fee contacts, deposits can then be made into the fee contacts' accounts. Deposits are made to the family fee account rather than to the student's fee account.

Helpful Tip: jmc recommends using family fee accounts, or student accounts, but not a combination of both.

Setting up Fee Contacts

Families that are designated as the fee contact for students will need to have a login password assigned in jmc Office. Fee contacts can be initialized for all students at once. Initializing Family Fee Contacts will create a fee contact, based upon primary contacts, for all students who do not yet have a fee contact.

Family Access to Fee Account Transactions and Balances
Schools that have purchased the jmc Family portal will have the ability to post fee transactions and account balances online for families to access. jmc Office users specify the fees charged to families and families can access their student's fees in the jmc Family portal. With the jmc Online Payments module families can pay for fees online.

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