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Add or edit fees in the tuition/fees module
Add or edit fees in the tuition/fees module

Create or modify fees and purchasable items within the tuition/fees module complete with cost, image, and description.

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Fees are expenses that students or families are responsible for, including items like tuition, lab fees, sporting apparel, or yearbooks. The process involves defining and consolidating fees in a central location, and then allocating them to the correct students and families. This may involve bulk loading charges for groups or individually assigning fees to specific student and family accounts, all of which can be done through the jmc Tuition/Fees module.

Log in to jmc office at the district level and navigate to Tuition/Fees > Data > Edit Fees to define the charge, its price, photo, and more!

Step One: Click the "+ Add Record" button to add a new fee or click the "Edit" link to edit a fee in the list.

Helpful Tip: Click the "Delete" link beside the fee name to delete the fee from your list.

Step Two: Enter the name of the fee in the "Fee Name" field to define the fee for later reference.

Step Three: Enter the various fee costs in the "Cost," "Reduced Cost," and the "Free Cost" fields.

  • Cost: regular cost of the item

  • Reduced Cost: cost of the item for families approved for reduced price meal benefits

  • Free Cost: cost of the item for families approved for free meal benefits

Step Four: Select the fee account from the "Account" drop-down list to assign the fee to a specific fee account for record keeping and reporting purposes.

Step Five: Place a checkmark in the "Family Store" and/or "General Store" checkboxes to set the item as available for purchase.

  • Family Store: a family with a jmc account can purchase this fee item

  • General Store: community members can purchase these items from the General Store

Step Six: Place a checkmark in the "Auto Pay" checkbox to allow families to set up recurring payments for the selected fee.

Helpful Tip: Enable "Auto Pay" for large fee charges such as tuition to allow families to break the payment up into smaller increments over a period of time.

Step Seven (optional): Click the "Upload Image" button to upload an image for your fee so families can view what they are purchasing.

  • Click the “Upload Image" button to begin uploading an image from your computer to jmc Office.

  • Select the image you want to upload to jmc Office.

  • Click the “Open" button to continue uploading the image to jmc Office.

Step Eight (optional): Enter a description in the "Item Description" field to provide additional information regarding the item.

Fun Fact: Add a little pizzazz to your description using the formatting tools.

Step Nine: Click the "Save" button to save your changes and record the fee or click the "Cancel" button to discard your changes.

Helpful Tip: Change the order in which the fees are displayed in jmc Office and jmc Family by clicking and dragging the name of the fee to a new position in the list.

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