Whether you need to assign a lab fee to everyone taking biology or a locker fee to everyone in basketball, jmc makes it easy to do in bulk. What could take an hour to do by individual students, bulk loading charges, or credits to a group of students all at once takes mere minutes.

Let's assign a charge or credit in jmc Office. Proceed to Tuition/Fees > Data > Bulk Load Charges/Credits to assign a charge or credit to a group of students.

Step One: Select a radio button from the "Type" box to identify a "Charge" or "Credit" to bulk load.

Step Two: Select a radio button from the "Bulk Load by" box to bulk load by "Grade", "Courses Containing Fees", "Activity", or "Course Sections" to indicate which students will receive the charge or credit.

  • Grade: all students in a single grade level

  • Courses Containing Fees: select students taking any course having a fee assigned to it

  • Activity: select all students in an activity

  • Course Sections: select students taking specific course sections

Step Three: Select the appropriate "Grade," "Activity" or "Course Section" from the drop-down list to filter which students to enter the charge or credit details for.

Step Four: Select the fee from the "Fees" list box to charge or credit to the selected students.

Helpful Tip: Control-click multiple fees to select more than one fee to charge or credit to the selected students.

Step Five: Enter the date to stamp the fee charge or credit within the "Charge Date" field.

Step Six (optional): Enter a due date in the "Due Date" field as an excellent reference for families and to help ensure prompt payment.

Step Seven (optional): Enter an additional comment in the "Comment" field to further detail the charge or credit.

Step Eight: Click the "Load Charges" button to charge or credit the selected fees to each of the selected students.

Helpful Tip: After the process completes, a message will inform you of how many charges or credits were made.

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