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Bulk load charges or credits in the tuition/fees module
Bulk load charges or credits in the tuition/fees module

Charges and credits can be assigned to groups of students at once instead of each student individually in the Tuition & Fees module.

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jmc's 'Bulk Load Charges/Credits' feature in the Tuition/Fees module transforms the task of assigning fees or credits to students. Rather than inputting these individually, this tool empowers you to apply charges or credits to entire groups of students at once, whether it's a class, a grade level, or a school activity group. This feature dramatically saves time, reducing what could take hours into a task completed within minutes. Whether it's assigning lab fees to biology students or locker fees to a sports team, the bulk loading capability significantly enhances efficiency.

To bulk load a charge or credit in jmc Office, proceed to Tuition/Fees > Data > Bulk Load Charges/Credits.

Step One: Select a radio button from the "Type" box to identify a "Charge" or "Credit" to bulk load.

Step Two: Select the appropriate radio button from the "Bulk Load by" box to determine the group of students who will receive the charge or credit. Here are the available options:

  • Grade: assign the charge or credit to students within a single grade level.

  • Courses Containing Fees: apply the charge or credit to students enrolled in any course that has a fee assigned to it.

  • Activity: assign the charge or credit to students participating in a specific activity.

  • Course Sections: assign the charge or credit to students enrolled in specific course sections.

Step Three: Filter and specify the group of students who will be charged or credited based on the selection you made in step two.

  • If you chose "Grade," "Activity," or "Course Sections" in Step Two, select an option from the drop-down list provided to narrow down the selection of students within the chosen category for whom the charges or credits will be applied.

  • If you selected "Course Sections" and want to assign fees to multiple course sections simultaneously, you can select multiple course sections from the "Available Courses" drop-down list. This handy feature enables you to conveniently bulk load fees to various course sections all at once..

Step Four: Select a fee from the "Fees" list to assign a fee to the selected students or hold the CTRL (Windows) key or, if applicable, hold the CMD (Mac) key to select multiple fees to apply to the selected students.

Step Five: Enter a specific date in the "Charge Date" field to associate a date stamp with the fee.

Step Six (optional): Enter a due date in the "Due Date" field to ensure a timely payment from families.

Step Seven (optional): Enter a comment in the "Comment" field to provide further information or specific instructions related to the charge or credit.

Step Eight: Click the "Load Charges" button to charge or credit the selected fees to each of the selected students.

Fun Fact: Once the bulk load process is finished, you will receive a message notifying you of the total number of charges or credits that were successfully applied.

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