Just like students can have family lunch contacts, they can also have family fee contacts! Set up family fee contacts so families can keep up-to-date with their tuition and fee accounts through the jmc Family portal and the jmc Family mobile app.

jmc Office allows users to initialize a student's first primary contact as their fee contact with the click of a button! To get every student in a family fee account by assigning them a Fee contact, go to Tuition/Fees > Data > Initialize Family Contacts in jmc Office.

Step One: Click the "Create Fee Contacts" button to begin the process of creating a fee contact for all students who do not have one.

Helpful Tip: If a student has more than one primary contact designated, this process will use the first primary contact listed to create the fee contact. If a student does not have a primary contact designated, then this process will not generate a fee contact for that student.

Step Two: Click the "OK" button on the pop-up alert to confirm that you'd like to create fee contacts for students that do not have one or click the "Cancel" button to exit.

Fun Fact: Once the process is completed, a message will appear indicating the number of fee contacts generated. These can be verified by searching the students' contacts on the View Student Data page and locating the Fee contact in the drop-down list.

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