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Discovering the jmc Lunch module
Discovering the jmc Lunch module

jmc eases your meal service burden by integrating free and reduced tracking, meal account management, and point of sale purchasing.

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The Lunch module in jmc Office gives your district the ability to track lunch and breakfast purchases, manage student and family account deposits, and also works in conjunction with the jmc Point of Sale (POS) to allow real-time transactions to be posted to accounts.
โ€‹Meal and Price Management

The lunch module gives you the ability to define pricing groups for grade ranges. Meals and a la carte items are created within each pricing group and assigned a price ensuring students are always charged the appropriate price for their meal and a la carte items.

Free and Reduced Status

A range of tools are available to support you in reporting free and reduced status meal purchases. An integrated online meals benefits application is available for families in the jmc Family portal. An eligibility calculator is at your fingertips loaded with the latest federal income guidelines to help you determine a family's free or reduced status. Directly certified students are imported and automatically marked as free in jmc Office. And all these options are supported by built-in eligibility notification letters to let the families know of their eligibility status.

Account Management

All purchases, deposits, and status determinations are tracked and available for viewing and editing at any time, both for families and individual students. Need to make a deposit manually? Need to issue a refund? Need to check a family balance? No problem for any of these.


Everything you need for reporting from Free and Reduced status, to quantities of meals sold, to claims edit checks, to low balance notifications are included in the Lunch module. With over 15 reports at your disposal every reporting need you have is covered.

Point of Sale

The Point of Sale is your lunchroom tool for charging the correct meals to the correct students. Student free and reduced status is taken into account when charging for meals but hidden from the point of sale operator for sensitivity. Meals, a la cartes, and extra milks can all be charged at the point of sale. Cash deposits can even be accepted. All purchases are updated in real-time to jmc Office for up-to-the-minute reporting and current account balances.

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