Did someone just drop off a check or cash for a lunch account? You'll need to account for that in jmc Office. Make sure to get it deposited correctly so your account balances are accurate.

To make a deposit in the Lunch module of jmc Office, select Lunch > Data and then choose whether you want to "Edit Student Lunch Data" or "Edit Family Lunch Data". Use the "Edit Student Lunch Data" to designate funds to a specific student and use the "Edit Family Lunch Data" to designate funds to an entire family.  

Step One: Select the student or family lunch contact to deposit funds by entering their name in the "Find" field.

Step Two: Select the "Transactions" tab to reveal the deposit button.

Step Three: Click the "Deposit" button to begin making a deposit into the student or family lunch account.

Step Four: Select the "Student Account" or "Family Account" radio button to designate the account for the deposit.

Fun Fact: The option to select the "Student Account" or "Family Account" is only available in "Edit Student Lunch Data". In the "Edit Family Lunch Data" tab, you will be automatically making a deposit into the family lunch account.

Step Five: Enter the date for the deposit in the "Deposit Date" field or simply click the calendar icon. 

Step Six: Enter the dollar amount of the deposit in the "Deposit Amount" field.

Helpful Tip: Save yourself a click and skip entering a $ sign. Just enter the dollar amount with or without a decimal.

Step Seven: Select the "Cash" or "Check" radio button to specify the payment type. 

Helpful Tip: If depositing using a check, enter the check number in the "Check Number" field for record of the transaction.

Step Eight: Enter notes in the "Comment" field to record any additional information about the transaction for future reference.

Step Nine: Click the "OK" button to submit the deposit or click the "Close" button to cancel your deposit.

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