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Making a lunch deposit in jmc Office
Making a lunch deposit in jmc Office

Adding funds to a lunch account in jmc Office is quick and easy, ensuring accurate balances and availability of funds at the Point of Sale.

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Adding funds to a student or family lunch account in jmc Office is the perfect way to maintain accurate balances and ensure money is available for use at the Point of Sale. When someone drops lunch money off in the office, simply find the correct student or family, add the cash or check with some basic details and the funds will be added to the family or student account in a snap!

To make a deposit for an individual student head to Lunch > Data > Edit Student Lunch Data or to deposit funds available for an entire family head to Lunch > Data > Edit Family Lunch Data.

Step One: Select the student or family lunch contact to deposit funds by entering their name in the "Find" field.

Step Two: Click the "Deposit" button to begin making a deposit into the student or family lunch account.

Fun Fact: The "Deposit" button is located on the "Transactions" tab on the "Edit Student Lunch Data" page or below the contact name on the "Edit Family Lunch Data" page.

Step Three: Select the "Cash" or "Check" radio button to specify the type of payment.

Step Four (optional): Enter the check number in the "Check Number" field if the student or family is paying by check for record keeping purposes.

Helpful Tip: Select the "Family Account" radio button to make a deposit into a family lunch account directly from the Edit Student Lunch Data page.

Step Five: Enter the date in the "Deposit Date" field or simply click the calendar icon to associate a date with the deposit for record keeping purposes. 

Step Six: Enter a number without a "$" sign in the "Deposit Amount" field to deposit money into the student or family account.

Step Seven (optional): Enter notes in the "Comment" field to record any additional information about the transaction for future reference.

Step Eight: Click the "OK" button to submit the deposit or click the "Close" button to cancel your deposit.

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