Processing free/reduced price meal applications in jmc is intuitive, making it easy for office and lunch professionals to quickly determine eligibility for free/reduced-price meal benefits based on federal guidelines eliminating the need for manual calculation!

Enter the household size and income for one or two earners and the eligibility result will be displayed immediately. The result eligibility status may be applied to the dependents of the family specified for this determination. 

Let's determine if a family qualifies for free/reduced-price benefits. Log in to jmc Office and navigate to Lunch > Free/Reduced > Determine Free or Reduced Status.

Step One: Enter the size of the household in the "Household Size" field to record the number of members in the household.

Step Two: Enter the income amount(s) in the appropriate "Income" field(s) for up to two earners to have them added up for qualification requirements.

Step Three: Click the "Calculate" button to determine if the household will receive Free Meals, Reduced Price Meals, or is Not Eligible for meal benefits.

A few fun facts

  • If the family information entered qualifies for free or reduced-price meals, the determination will display next to "Eligible For" on the page.

  • After calculating, income cutoff information will be listed to show why the family qualifies or not.

Step Four: Select the family from the "Contact List" field by entering their name in the "Find" field.

Helpful Tip: The dependents for that contact will then display in the "Student List."

Step Six: Enter the date the determined status change should start in the "Status Effective Date" field or simply click the calendar icon.

Helpful Tip: Using an effective date in the past will update transactions and balances to the newly determined status when the process is completed.

Step Seven: Enter the date the determination was made in the "Determination Made Date" field or simply click the calendar icon to select a date using a calendar view.

Step Eight: Click the "Make Dependents 'Free'/'Reduced'/'Paying'" button to apply the determination result to the selected dependents in the "Student List".

Step Nine: Click the "OK" button to confirm that you'd like to update the dependents' status or click the "Cancel" button to exit.

Helpful Tip: If the specified "Status Change Effective Date" includes dates for pre-existing charges, student lunch account balances will be adjusted.

Step Ten: Click the "Print Letter" button to print an eligibility letter for the specified family notifying them of their determined status.

Helpful Tip: Click the "Reset" button to reset the household size and income values entered to begin a new free and reduced determination.

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