Food service professionals can save time and cut down on manual data entry with jmc's direct certification import. Simply download the direct certification file from the state and upload it to jmc to pull data for families receiving state sponsored services such as Medicaid that may automatically qualify them for free or reduced meals. Eliminate the need for manual data entry by utilizing jmc's direct certification import!

Head to Lunch > Free/Reduced > Direct Certification Import to get started.

Step One: Select the appropriate radio button to indicate the type of direct certification file you downloaded from the state website if applicable.

Helpful Tip: Read through the state-specific instructions on the page for information on how to acquire a Direct Certification file from your state.

Step Two: Enter the date this status change became effective in the "Status Effective Date" field or simply click the calendar icon to select a date.

Step Three: Click the "Choose File" button to browse and select the direct certification file you downloaded from your state department.

Step Four: Click the "Start Import" button to import free and reduced information from the selected state file into jmc.

Fun Fact: A summary including details and status information regarding the import will appear upon completion of the process.

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