Did you know families can make one deposit to cover all students in their family? No more writing separate checks for each child’s lunch deposits, just create a family lunch account in jmc!

Pull siblings together into a family lunch account by attaching a Lunch contact to them, similar to attaching a Primary or Secondary contact. To save an enormous amount of time use the jmc Lunch module's "Initialize Family Lunch Accounts" option to automatically attach each student's Primary contact also as their Lunch contact.

To get every student assigned a Lunch contact so they are part of a family lunch account, go to Lunch > Data Setup > Initialize Family Lunch Accounts in jmc Office.

Step One: Click the "Create Lunch Contacts" button to begin assigning a Lunch contact to every students who currently does not have one.

Helpful Tip: If a student has more than one Primary contact designated, the first Primary contact listed will be assigned to the student as the Lunch contact. If a student does not have a Primary contact designated, then no Lunch contact will be assigned.

Fun Fact: Students' Lunch contacts may also be edited individually on the Edit > Student Data page.

Step Two: Confirm that you would like to create Lunch contacts by clicking the "OK" button in the pop-up window.

Helpful Tip: When finished a message will appear indicating the number of Lunch contacts assigned. These can be verified by searching the students' contacts on the View Student Data page and locating the Lunch contact in the drop-down menu.

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