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Understanding jmc's Health module
Understanding jmc's Health module

jmc will help you turn your health office into an efficient clinic complete with immunization records, medications, and visit logs.

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The Health module in jmc Office gives your district the ability to keep track of various types of health data such as immunizations, health history, and visit logs and also works in conjunction with jmc Teacher and jmc Family in making appropriate health information available to teachers and families. Import immunization records directly from state registries, run compliance checks, and even collect custom health related questions during yearly family online registration.


Student immunization records may be maintained, reported, and analyzed in a variety of ways. Immunization records may be imported from the following state immunization registries (also known as Immunization Information Systems or IIS): AISR (Minnesota) and IRIS (Iowa). Reports for immunization data include compliance, query, blank health records, labels, and other printed lists. Immunizations may also be accessed via Student Lists.

Health History Records

May be recorded for a number of categories, such as height/weight, BMI, vision, hearing, condition (allergies), medicine, medical emergency plan, physical exams, insurance, and many more. Various reports are available for reviewing health history records and can be accessed via Student Lists. Health History records may be viewed by teachers in jmc Teacher and families may view their dependents’ health records in the jmc Family. 

Medical Emergency Plan

Records special care and treatment that may be required for a student. This information is entered by the health professional staff and may be shared with teachers in jmc Teacher.

Medication Log

Allows for the recording of student medications, inventory, appointments, and treatments. A list of FDA-approved medications is included in the med log. If you want to track usage of non-FDA approved (user-defined) medications, such as throat lozenges, lotions, or homeopathic remedies, you may add your own user-defined medications to the list.

Visit Logs

May be maintained, reported, and analyzed in a variety of ways. A visit log query may be used to generate lists and summaries of student visit log records. Visit log records may also be accessed via Student Lists.

Health Notes

A freeform text box that is shared across school years for the student that allows custom student health notes regarding a student's health needs.

Health History

Record types for student records maintained in Health History include: Blood Pressure, Medical Emergency Plan, Scoliosis, Body Mass Index, Medical Release, Visual Acuity, Concussion Awareness, and more. Access to student health history can be managed the Health Accessibility option located in Health History.


Allows you to query your immunizations and print immunization labels for students for their cumulative folders. A report may contain information such as immunizations, health history, health note, medical emergency plan, medications, and the visit log.

Health Custom Field

Gives the ability to enter health questions to be asked when student's register. These records can be for the current year or can remain in their health history and carry over from year-to-year.

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