jmc and the MIIC website have made accessing immunization records quick and confidential for health professionals in school districts across the state. Once you have obtained a MIIC username and password and exported the MIIC List File onto the MIIC website you are ready to request immunization records. Simply export a MIIC client query file to the MIIC website and MIIC will return two files to you for importing into jmc!

Start by going to Health > Immunizations > Export MIIC Client Query File.

Step One: Select a radio button from the "Select" box to identify which student files will be exported. Then fill out the appropriate fields highlighted below.

  • By Random: select one or more students by entering their name or student ID in the "Find" drop-down list.

  • By Grade: enter a grade level range in the "From" and "To" drop-down lists.

Step Two: Click the "Check Errors" button to generate a list of student information errors needing to be addressed to ensure all selected students are included in the information exchange between jmc and MIIC.

Helpful Tip: Correct errors listed in the error validation summary and run the "Check Errors" process as many times as needed to ensure a valid information exchange.

Step Three: Click the "Export MIIC Client Query File" button to save a client query file to your computer.

Helpful Tip: The client query file will be saved to the destination assigned in your internet browser's preferences (typically the "downloads" folder on your computer).

Step Four: Upload the client query file to the MIIC website to place a request for immunization data for your students.

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