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Import Minnesota AISR immunizations
Import Minnesota AISR immunizations

Easily update student immunization records in jmc by importing the AISR immunization data file.

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The AISR immunizations file provides updated immunization records for students requested in the bulk query file. To save time and ensure up-to-date records, simply import the AISR file into jmc's Health module. With this feature, you can avoid manual data entry and help keep your students healthy and safe.

To import the AISR immunizations file, log into jmc and go to Health > Immunizations > Import AISR Immunizations.

Step One: Click the "Choose File" button under "AISR file to import" to upload the student immunization records file from your computer into jmc.

Helpful Tip: Looking for your AISR immunization file? Head to and select the "Get Full Vaccinations" link from the website to download the student immunization file to your computer.

Step Two: Select the AISR immunizations file from your computer and click the "Open" button to select the AISR file for import.

Step Three: Click the "Start Import" button to update student immunization records in jmc Office.

Fun Fact: A summary of the import will appear on the page after the import is complete indicating the student immunization data that was not imported due to mismatched criteria.

Step Four: Click the "Print Import Summary" button to print a copy of the import results for later reference, or click the "Cancel Import Summary" button to close the summary window.

Fun Fact: Common errors during the import often include mismatched student names or birth dates between the immunization file and the View Student Data page.

Helpful Tip: Update student data in jmc to precisely match student records from the AISR file and repeat the export and import process for students appearing in the error report to complete immunization records in jmc!

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