Health professionals can add medications for students in jmc Office to begin building an inventory to track medication information and provide important details about each specific medication. Having medications defined allows for accurate recording of when the medications are administered and and remaining doses.

To add or edit a medication record, go to Health > Medication Log > Edit Student Medication and select the "Medications" tab.

Step One: Select the student to add a medication for them by entering their name in the "Find" field.

Helpful Tip: Place a checkmark in the "Display Optional Fields" checkbox to enable and track six additional medication fields such as "Pharmacy Name", "Prescribing Doctor Name", and "Rx Number".

Step Two: Click "Add Row" to add a new medication for this student.

Step Three: Select the medication using the "Medication" drop-down list to assign a medication to this student.

Helpful Tip: Begin entering the medication name in the "Medication" drop-down list to access a list of FDA-approved medications.

Step Four: Place a checkmark in the "Notification Threshold Enabled" checkbox if you'd like to be notified of low inventory.

Step Five: Enter quantity in the "Notification Threshold" field to receive a notification when inventory drops below the specified quantity.

Step Six: Enter the date in the "Date Submitted" field to indicate when the medication was submitted to the office or simply click the calendar icon.

Step Seven: Place a checkmark in the "As Needed (PRN)" checkbox if this medication should be administered as needed.

Helpful Tip: Place a checkmark in the "Student no longer taking this medication" checkbox when a student no longer takes the prescribed medication.

Step Eight: Enter any notes in the "Comments" field to track additional information for future reference.

Step Nine: Click the "Update" button to save the medication information for this student or click the "Cancel" button to discard your changes.

Step Ten: Click the "Print" button on the "Medications" tab to print the list of medication records for the currently displayed student or click the "Export" button to export the list of medication records as a CSV file.

Learn more about adding or subtracting student medication inventory!

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