Health and office professionals can enter student medication information, update the inventory as needed, and set appointments for administering medication to students.

Learn how to add or subtract from the student medication inventory to keep an accurate count of the medications on hand, and to print a list of the medication inventory changes.

Go to Health > Medication Log > Edit Student Medication in jmc Office to begin entering doses to a student's medication inventory.

Step One: Select the student by entering the name of the student in the "Find" field to locate the medication inventory.

Step Two: Click the "Inventory" tab to begin adding or subtracting medication to the inventory.

Step Three: Click the "Submit Medication" button to begin setting the amount of medication in stock.

Fun Fact: The Date and Time fields will default to the current date and time. If needed, adjust the date by clicking the calendar icon or adjust the time by entering a time into the "Time" field (for example "12:00PM").

Step Four: Select the medication from the "Medication" drop-down list to set the inventory for a specific medication.

Fun Fact: Only medications associated with the currently selected student are listed in the "Medication" drop-down list.

Step Five: Enter the number of doses in the "Quantity" field to add a number of doses to any current stock.

Step Six: Enter any additional comments in the "Comment" field to provide more information about this specific dose quantity addition.

Step Seven: Click the "OK" button to record your inventory addition or click the "Close" button to discard your changes.

Fun Fact: To edit an existing inventory change record with an error click the "Edit" link next to the inventory record. To delete an erroneous record instead, click the "Delete" link next to the inventory record.

Step Eight: Select a sort order using the "Sort Options" drop-down list to re-sort the displayed list of inventory change records.

Fun Fact: The "Sort Options" drop-down list allows for a customized view of the medication list (ascending/descending by date or name of medication)

Step Nine: Select a view option using the "View Options" drop-down list to display all inventory changes ("Include All Revisions") or to hide deleted inventory changes ("Current Revision Only").

Fun Fact: Click the "Print" button to print the list of medication inventory change records for the currently displayed student or click the "Export" button to export the list of medication inventory records as a CSV file.

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