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Managing a student's medication inventory
Managing a student's medication inventory

Track and update student medication inventory in jmc's Health module to ensure accurate records.

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Managing a student's medication inventory in jmc Office is an easy and efficient way to keep detailed records of medications stored and administered at school. Health and office professionals can easily update the number of medication doses in a student's medication inventory, keeping an accurate count of the medications on hand. Log quantities of medications as they are submitted to the health office and print a list of the medication inventory changes all from one place.

Go to Health > Medication Log > Edit Student Medication in jmc Office to begin logging medication quantities submitted to the health office.

Step One: Enter a student's name in the "Find" field to begin managing the medication inventory for the selected student.

Step Two: Click the "Inventory" tab to begin adding or subtracting medication to the inventory.

Step Three: Click the "Submit Medication" button to record the quantity of medication in stock. If you need to make any changes to an existing inventory record, click the "Edit" link, or if you wish to remove an inventory record, click the "Delete" link.

Fun Fact: By default, the "Date" and "Time" fields will be automatically filled with the current date and time when the medication is received by the school office. However, if necessary, you can make adjustments to the date by selecting a different date from the calendar icon or modify the time by entering a specific time in the "Time" field.

Step Four: Select the medication from the "Medication" drop-down list to update its inventory quantity.

Fun Fact: Only medications associated with the currently selected student on the "Medication" tab are listed in the "Medication" drop-down list. To add inventory for a new medication, you first have to add the medication to the student's medication list.

Step Five: Enter a number in the "Quantity" field to reflect the number of doses added to the student's medication inventory.

Helpful Tip: Enter additional comments in the "Comment" field to provide more information about the specific inventory adjustment such as who delivered it to the health office.

Step Six: Click the "OK" button to update the medication inventory or click the "Close" button to discard your changes.

Helpful Tip: To customize the display of the medications inventory, you can select your preferred options from the "Sort Options" and "View Options" drop-down lists.

Step Seven: Click the "Print" button to print a copy of the medication inventory change records for the currently displayed student, or click the "Export" button to export the list as a CSV file.

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