No need to track the administering of medications on paper! With the click of a button, record administered medication for a student. Medication is logged daily and includes an appointment record containing the date, time scheduled, time administered, who administered, and action taken during that appointment.

Let's enter a medication appointment(s) for a day. Start in jmc Office, health > medication log > medication appointments for a day.

Step One: Select the day to enter medication in the "Day" drop-down list.

Helpful Tip: For more information about the medication listed hover your cursor over the medication name in the record!

Fun Fact: Select 24-hour or military time from the "Time Format" drop-down list to change the time format used.

Step Two: Click the "Green Checkmark" when a student's medication is administered to record the time.

Fun Fact: The "Administered" field will automatically fill in the office personal logged in to jmc Office making it easy to track the office personal that dispensed the medication.

Step Three: Click the "Print Medication Appointments for a Day" button to create a copy for reference when away from your computer.

A few helpful tips:

  • If a student misses their medication appointment select the reason using the “Appointment” drop-down list.

  • Edit the time listed in the "Administered" column if the medication was dispensed at a different time than what is shown to allow for accurate record-keeping.

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