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Entering medication appointments for a day
Entering medication appointments for a day

jmc's Health module enables easy tracking and documentation of student medication appointments, ensuring accurate inventory.

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With the Health module in jmc Office, it's easy to keep tabs on student medications administered throughout the day by scheduling and documenting daily medication appointments. This tool allows you to see a list of students taking medications each day, and then from the same page, log the time the medication was given or note the reason a dose was skipped. Tracking medication appointments in this way ensures accurate medication inventory and detailed administration records.

Enter a medication appointment for a day in jmc Office by going to Health > Medication Log > Medication Appointments For A Day.

Step One: Select a date from the "Day" drop-down list to view a list of students with scheduled medication appointments for the day.

Helpful Tip: Select 12-hour, 24-hour or military time from the "Time Format" drop-down list to change the time format used.

Step Two: Click the "Green Checkmark" corresponding to the student's medication record to log the time the medication was dispensed. Upon clicking the "Green Checkmark," the current time is automatically filled in the "Administered" field and the "Appointment" field updates to "Administered."

Fun Fact: Administering medication automatically updates the remaining quantity in the student's inventory, while missing appointments does not affect the medication inventory.

โ€‹Step Three (optional): Edit the time listed in the "Administered" column if the medication was dispensed at a different time than what is shown to allow for accurate record-keeping.

Step Four (optional): Select a reason from the "Appointment" drop-down list to document why a student did not take medication that day, such as an absence or no inventory, to ensure precise medication records.

Step Five: Click the "Print Medication Appointments for a Day" button to create a copy for your reference when away from your computer.

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