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Add or edit the student health visit log
Add or edit the student health visit log

Manage student health office visits with jmc's Health module, ensuring comprehensive records and effective communication with families.

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With jmc's Health module, the student health visit log becomes an efficient tool for tracking and documenting student visits to the health office. From minor scrapes to headaches, you can record the date, time, reason for visit, actions taken, and any supporting documents. The log also allows for additional care information, ensuring comprehensive records for effective communication with families.

To enter or edit a health visit record in the student visit log, start In jmc Office, click Health > Visit Log > Edit Student Visit Log.

Step One: Enter a student's name in the "Find" field to easily access and manage health visit records for the selected student.

Step Two: Click the "Add New" link to add a new visit to the visit log or if you want to edit an existing visit, select the visit from the "List of Visits" and click the "Edit" link to make the necessary changes to the health visit log record.

Helpful Tip: To customize how the health visits are displayed, you can choose your preferred options from the "Sort Order" and "School Year" drop-down lists, as well as enable the "Display Deleted Records" checkbox to include deleted records in the display.

​Step Three: Enter the date in the "Date" field to record the date of the health visit or simply click the calendar icon.

Step Four: Enter the "Time In" and "Time Out" in their respective fields to specify the start and end of the visit.

Fun Fact: The newly added record will default to the current date and time saving you the time of manual entry.

Step Five (optional): Enter a name in the "Referred By" field to indicate the person who referred the student to the health office.

Step Six (optional): Enter the health professional's name in the "Seen By" field to record the individual that provided the care for the student.

Fun Fact: The "Seen By" field will be automatically populated with the name of the person who entered the health visit, but you can edit it to ensure accurate records if needed.

​Step Seven: Select the "Reason(s)" for the visit and "Action(s)" taken by choosing from the respective lists, using the CTRL (Windows) key or the CMD (Mac) key to select multiple options if necessary.

​Step Eight (optional): Provide additional information regarding the reason for the visit or actions taken by entering details in the "Reason Info" and "Action Info" fields, which can accommodate up to 20 characters each.

​Step Nine: Enter additional comments in the "Comments" box to log important details about the visit.

Step Ten: Click the "Upload Files" button to select a file from your computer to upload and attach to the visit log record.

Step Eleven: Click the "Add File" button to upload and attach a file to the health visit record, or remove the pending file by clicking the "Clear Pending Files" button.

Step Twelve: Click the "Update" link to save any changes made to the health visit log record, or click the "Cancel" link to discard the changes.

Step Thirteen: Click the "Print" button to print the selected health visit log entry for convenient reference.

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