jmc’s "Visit Log Action" list can be customized by health professionals to reflect an action that is not included in the pre-defined action list. Health office staff can enter a custom action for treating a student allowing for accurate health visit record keeping.

Let's add a custom visit log action to be used by the health office for a student health visit. Start by logging into jmc Office, and select Health > Visit Log > Visit Log Actions.

Step One: Click the “Add Record” link to add a new action to the list or click the "Edit" link beside an action to edit an existing custom action.

Step Two: Enter the new visit log action name in the "Name" field to add your action to the list.

Step Three: Click the "Save" link to save your action to the list or click the "Cancel" link to discard changes.

Step Four: Click the "Print" button to print a list of actions for easy reference.

A few helpful tips:

  • Once the user has defined a new action, it will be available on the Edit Student Visit Log page.

  • Click the "Delete" link to delete an existing visit log action.

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