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Bulk enter health history screening information
Bulk enter health history screening information

Quickly enter health assessments for groups of students, mark records as complete, and print the list in jmc Office.

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The health history screening feature in jmc Office allows for efficient bulk entry of health assessment information, saving time and ensuring comprehensive records for a group of students. By selecting a group based on grade, advisor, or course and section, health screening data can be entered for multiple students simultaneously. With options to fill down values and mark records as complete, managing health history assessments becomes streamlined and organized. Plus, you can easily print the list of assessment records for convenient reference.

To conveniently bulk enter health assessment screening for a group of students, simply navigate to Health > Health History > Health History Screening in jmc Office.

Step One: Filter students by selecting the desired group from the "Selection Method" drop-down list to enter health screening information for a specific group.

​Step Two: Select the desired "Grade," "Advisor," or "Course and Section" from the corresponding drop-down lists to begin entering health screening information for the selected group of students.

Step Three: Select the appropriate health screening category, such as visual acuity, hearing screening, or physical exam, in the "Category" drop-down list.

Helpful Tip: Quickly enter health assessment information for a group of students by using the "Master Record" row or the "Fill Down" button for consistent data entry.

Step Four: Place a checkmark in the "Complete" checkbox to manually mark a record as complete, or it will be automatically marked when sufficient data is entered.

Step Five: Click "Save" to record the assessment information, ensuring that only the records marked as "Complete" are saved.

​Fun Fact: A pop-up notification will indicate the number of students whose health history screening records have been updated, ensuring that the appropriate number of students' health records have been successfully updated.

​Step Six: Click the "Print" button to print the list of health history assessment records.

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