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Enter or edit a student health note
Enter or edit a student health note

Keep detailed notes of individual student's specific health needs by entering information in a health note in jmc Office.

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The Health Note in jmc Office is a freeform text box where health care professionals can create custom student health notes regarding a student's health needs. Simply enter specific health-related details for a student to create a note that can be attached to the student's health record. With health notes in jmc Office you can open lines of communication with all stakeholders that help keep your students safe and healthy!

To enter or edit a student's health note log in to jmc Office, head to Health > Health Note > Edit Student Health Note.

Step One: Select the student from the "Find" drop-down list to edit a health note for an individual student.

Helpful Tip: Narrow the range of students available in the "Find" field by selecting a specific grade level from the "Grade" drop-down list and quickly move to the next or previous student by clicking the right or left arrow.

Step Two: Enter a new or edit an existing health note in the large, free-form text box located under the words "last updated" to update or record new details for a student.

Step Three: Click the "Save" button to update the health note record.

Fun Fact: Student health notes stick with a student from one year to the next once saved, unless it is overwritten, edited or deleted, eliminating the need for importing records on a yearly basis.

Helpful Tip: Include the "Health Note" on reports printed on the Health > Reports > Print Health Records page for thorough student health records.

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