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Print or export student health records
Print or export student health records

Always at hand in case of emergencies, this report is an essential tool for ensuring the timely delivery of accurate health information.

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jmc's Health module is an efficient, comprehensive, and user-friendly platform for managing health records, including immunizations, health notes, medical emergency plans, medications, visit logs, and much more. Its "Print Health Records" report allows you to sort, print, or export these records effortlessly, catering to a variety of needs, such as transferring student health records or providing family health history. With robust data sorting options and the ability to customize the records to be printed or exported, jmc provides a secure, reliable, and versatile solution for maintaining and handling health data.

Print or export student health records by logging into jmc Office and heading to Health > Reports > Print Health Records.

Step One: Choose the appropriate radio button in the "Select" box to filter which student(s) health records to print. Then fill out the appropriate fields highlighted below.

  • By Sequential: enter a range of student IDs in the "From" and "To" fields.

  • By Random: select one or more students by entering their name(s) or student ID(s) in the "Find" field or by selecting their name(s) from the scrollable list.

  • By Grade: enter a grade level range in the "From" and "To" drop-down lists.

  • By Advisor: enter a range of advisor numbers in the "From" and "To" fields.

Step Two: Place a checkmark in the appropriate checkbox(es) to indicate which health records to include for the selected student(s).

  • Immunizations: a record of vaccinations a student has received.

  • Health History: a record of health history categories that have been entered for a student, such as hearing screening or physical exam.

  • Health Note: a health note that is shared across school years for a student.

  • Medical Emergency Plan: a special care and treatment plan required for a student.

  • Medications: a list of prescribed medications administered at school for a student.

  • Visit Log: a summary of a student's visits to the health office.

Step Three: Click the "Preview" button to view your customized "Print Health Records" report.

Step Four: Click the "Print" button to print the health report or click the "Export" button to export it to a CSV file. Select the sort order for which you would like to export your CSV files:

  • Export Immunization Grid: immunization data in grid form for the specified students.

  • Export Immunizations List: immunization data in list form for the specified students.

  • Export Health History: health history data in list form for the specified students.

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