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Iowa: Download & import immunizations from IRIS
Iowa: Download & import immunizations from IRIS

jmc has a proven and powerful integration with Iowa's immunization records system called IRIS.

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This article will help you submit an IRIS patient file so that IRIS can establish a relationship between your students and your organization. We'll be in jmc Office for this.

Step One: Complete the "Authorized Site Agreement - Organization" to request school match' functionality on the IRIS website at 

Step Two: In jmc Office, select Health > Immunizations > Export IRIS Patient File. 

Step Three: Click the "Export" button to export your IRIS Patient File.

Step Four: Log into IRIS at using your Org Code, Username, and password.

Step Five: Under the "Data Exchange" menu, click the "Submit Data" link to submit your exported IRIS Patient file via the IRIS portal.

Step Six: Enter a name for the data submission job in the "Job Name" text field. 

Helpful Tip: The job name identifies the data submission job on the Check Status page and helps identify data submission jobs when more than one is listed to avoid errors.

Step Seven: Click the "Browse" button to search for the patient file location on your computer.

Step Eight: Click the "Upload" button after selecting the correct file.

Helpful Tip: Once the file has been loaded into IRIS, you will be redirected to the Data Exchange results screen. This screen gives you information about the file that was uploaded in the data submission job.

Step Eight: Click the "Check Status" button or the "Check Status" link on the left menu panel to check the progress of a data submission job.

Helpful Tip: On the Exchange Data Status page, you will see a list of the data submission jobs and information pertaining to the job. 

The most common Statuses are:

  • Preprocessed: The file must be reviewed by IRIS staff prior to processing

  • Processing: The job submission is processing the data file

  • Complete: The job submission has completed processing

  • Error: The data file contains errors that have stopped the file from processing

  • Exception: The file is structured too poorly to process

Helpful Tip: Files with Errors or Exceptions must be re-formatted and re-submitted.

Step Nine: Click the blue "Job Name" link for your Patient file once processing is complete. You will be redirected to the Job Detail page.

Step Ten: Once you have successfully uploaded the patient file, proceed to Submitting an IRIS query file.

For more information about IRIS, please visit

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