Tracking student behavior can take away valuable time from teaching. The Discipline module allows teachers to quickly record disciplinary interactions and relay them to the front office, where administrators can review behavior patterns, tally incidents for state reporting needs, or share them with families and anyone else who needs up-to-date information on a student’s behavior. Create your own problem behaviors and actions or choose from a list of predefined ones included in the module.

To get started, log in to jmc Office and head to the Discipline module to view its features.


Entering, editing, and customizing disciplinary actions and infractions is quick and easy for teachers and administrators! View current and past discipline records as well as accept new records. The data menu is made up of four key pages.

  • Edit Student Discipline: one-stop shop for a student's discipline history

    • View discipline records from the current and prior school years.

    • See a complete view of the student's permanent record.

    • Enter new or edit existing discipline records.

  • Edit Problem Behaviors: a list of common discipline infractions for your school

    • Edit and create User Defined Problem Behaviors to customize the module for your needs.

    • View jmc's preloaded, non-editable list of discipline problem behaviors.

  • Edit Actions: a list of common consequences resulting from the discipline infractions

    • Edit and create User Defined Actions to customize the module for your needs.

    • View jmc's preloaded, non-editable list of disciplinary actions.

  • Merge Discipline Referrals: review discipline referrals from teachers and convert them to formal discipline records

    • Accept or reject disciplinary referrals submitted by teachers via jmc Teacher.

    • View a student’s previous problem behavior totals while accepting a new referral.

    • Send the disciplinary record to a student's primary contact, advisor, or referring teacher.


jmc's Discipline module provides both detail level and summary level views of your student discipline records through three reports.

  • Student: report on student infractions with each student on a separate page

    • View all of your student Discipline records in one report for any date range within this school year.

    • Print the report for one student or a group of students.

  • Discipline Query: report on students matching your selection criteria

    • Query a specific problem behavior and/or consequence in a date range.

    • Selection criteria include the number of occurrences, which problem behaviors/actions, which reporting person(s), and other sorting and detail options.

  • Discipline Summary: report summarizing subtotals by a variety of breakdowns

    • Summary of all students for a specified date range, including breakdowns by problem behavior, action, and reporting person.

    • View the total number and percentages of discipline referrals with a bar graph for easy review of the data.

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