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Edit custom discipline actions
Edit custom discipline actions

Add custom discipline actions to the list of predefined actions to meet your school's discipline needs.

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The Discipline module in jmc refers to the outcome of a student's problematic behavior as an "action". While there are a set of typical predefined actions available, it's likely that your school has specific actions that are not listed. To incorporate these unique actions into the Discipline module, you can review the predefined actions in jmc Office and add new actions as necessary in the user-defined section.

To start customizing the list of actions, log in to jmc Office and head to Discipline > Data > Edit Actions.

Step One: Click the "Edit" link in the "User Defined Actions" list to edit an existing action or define a new action from a blank row.

Step Two: Enter a name for the action in the appropriate field under the "Name" column to define the action taken by the school as a result of the problem behavior.

Helpful Tip: Delete the text from the "Name" field to remove an action that is no longer used or an action that may have been entered in error from the list.

Step Three: Click the "Update" link to save your action name, or the "Cancel" link to discard your changes.

Step Four: Click the "Print" button to print the entire list of predefined and user defined actions for future reference.

Helpful Tip: Review the "Predefined Actions" before adding your own "User Defined Actions" to avoid duplications between the predefined list of actions and your user defined list of actions.

Fun Fact: To ensure compliance with state reporting requirements, jmc includes only "Predefined Actions" in discipline data submissions to the department of education. This helps you accurately report discipline incidents and maintain adherence to state regulations.

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