In many schools, student discipline, as well as student performance, is a responsibility shared by the entire district staff. If a member of the office witnesses a student perform a known problem behavior, they should enter the infraction in jmc Office. Let's explore everything from selecting the problem behavior to filling in actions and removals, to emailing interested parties of the discipline record.

Go to Discipline > Data > Edit Student Discipline to add or edit a discipline record.

Step One: Select the student to add or edit by entering their name in the "Find" field.

Step Two: Click the "Add New" button to add a discipline record for a student, or click the "Edit" button to edit an existing student discipline record.

Step Three: Add details to the discipline record by using the drop-down lists and fields to enter or edit discipline detail information:

  • Incidents: an existing occurrence if this incident is related

  • Date: the date of when the incident took place

  • Time: the time the incident occurred

  • Behavior Incident Number: the next consecutive number to keep track of multiple infractions

  • Incident Reporter: the name of the person reporting the infraction

  • Incident Location: where the incident occurred

  • Incident Location Detail: detail related to the incident location

  • Problem Behavior: the reason for the discipline record

  • Severity: the level of seriousness for the incident

  • Weapon Type: the category of weapon used

  • Motivation: what led the student to the incident

  • Action 1: the primary response

  • Action 2: a secondary response

  • Seclusion/Restraint: if seclusion or restraint was used

  • Expulsion Zero Tolerance: the incident was a zero-tolerance expulsion

  • Unsafe School Choice Offense: the action involves unsafe school choice

  • Removal Length: the removal length if the student will be removed from school

  • Removal Date: the date the removal starts

  • Comment 1: additional comments

  • Comment 2: additional comments

Step Four: Click the "Save as Finished" button to record and save your discipline record or click the "Cancel" link to discard your changes.

Step Five (optional): If you need to save progress on a student discipline without finishing entry, click the "Save as Draft" button. The unfinished discipline entry will appear in the "Unfinished Discipline Records for Current Year" box for editing at a later time.

Step Six: Select a discipline record in the "Discipline Records for Current Year" box to send an email of the discipline record to specific stakeholders.

Step Seven: Click the "Email Selected" button to select stakeholders to whom you'd like to email the discipline record.

Step Eight: Place a checkmark in the appropriate checkboxes to email the discipline record to one or more of the following contacts:

  • Email Primary Contact: email student's primary contact as listed in jmc Office

  • Email Advisor: email the student's advisor

  • Email Teachers: include teachers to notify them of the discipline record

Step Nine: Enter an email address in the "Email To" field to include any additional recipients.

Helpful Tip: Enter a comma between multiple email addresses in the "Email To" field to send the discipline record to multiple people.

Step Ten: Enter an email address in the "Reply to Address" field to receive replies to your emailed discipline record.

Step Eleven: Enter a message in the "Email Message Box" to add a personal message to the discipline record email.

Step Twelve: Place a checkmark in the "Create Communication Record" checkbox to simultaneously create a record in jmc's communication module notating that you emailed someone regarding the discipline infraction.

Step Thirteen: Click the "Email" button to email the selected contacts a copy of the discipline record.

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