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Attach or remove individual student's report card forms
Attach or remove individual student's report card forms

Edit or verify which student has which report card form attached to them right in jmc Office.

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After creating report cards or standards-based report cards using the Form Designer in jmc Office, you will need to assign them to students. The most efficient way to do so is to bulk load those forms to entire grades. However, what if a 3rd grader is actually using a 4th-grade report card? In some instances, you may want to attach forms to individual students.

jmc makes it simple to see which report cards are attached to a student and to add forms to individual students. Go to Standards and Benchmarks > Student > Edit Student Report Card Forms to review and edit individual student forms.

Step One: Select the student to assign a form to by entering the name of the student in the "Find" field.

Helpful Tip: If you'd like to narrow your search to a specific grade level, select the grade using the "Grade" drop-down list.

Step Two: Click the "+ Add New Record" button to attach a form to the selected student.

Helpful Tip: Change which form is currently attached to the student by clicking the "Edit" button or remove a currently attached form by clicking the "Delete" button.

Step Three: Select the form from the "Form Name" drop-down list to attach the form to the selected student.

Step Four: Click the "โœ“" button to add the report card form to the student's list of forms or click the "x" button to disregard.

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