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Taking a high-level look at standards and benchmarks
Taking a high-level look at standards and benchmarks

There are many different ways to assess students using jmc's standards and benchmarks grading option. Let's check out the tools available!

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Keeping track of student achievement of standards and benchmarks can be a tall task. That's why jmc helps schools by providing the tools to help make sense of it all! Administrators and curriculum directors enter standards and benchmarks in jmc Office, then give access to teachers so they can collect and organize all that useful student data!

Check out everything jmc offers in this overview of standards and benchmarks tools!

Enter your own custom standards in jmc Office!

Use common core standards, state standards or locally adopted standards? Administrators and curriculum directors have the flexibility of entering the standards and benchmarks used at your school! In jmc Office, you have the power to enter your own standards with the language used in your district! Even assign the standards to grade levels or courses to give your teachers access to edit standard and benchmark results for students.

Report out on those standards using customized report cards!

Run a variety of standards and benchmarks reports and share student achievement results with families using jmc's standards and benchmarks reporting tools! In jmc Office, administrators and curriculum directors can run a variety of standards and benchmarks reports to see how entire grades are progressing through the standards. You can also track student progress to bring important student achievement data to team meetings. For the cherry on top, use jmc's Form Designer to create a customized standards and benchmarks report card to send to parents at the end of the term!

Teachers have control of entering student data!

When those student assessments start rolling in, jmc offers a variety of tools to teachers for collecting and organizing standards and benchmarks data! Teachers can edit standard or benchmark assessments for individual students or edit results for a specific benchmark for an entire class at once. Teachers can also calculate results to standards and benchmarks with the gradebook using categories and assignment scores. For teachers that want to provide more detailed feedback, jmc offers the Competency Based Gradebook where formative assessment results can be tied to standards and benchmarks. No matter your collection and organizational preference, all standards and benchmarks results can be tied to a standards and benchmarks report card!

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