Need to know which kiddos can and can't have Tylenol? Or maybe a family doesn't want their child medicated at all. Now you can collect health-specific questions during registration, from allergies to current medications.

Let's look at how to create those custom health questions with an appropriate name, type, permanence, and sort order. Log in to jmc Office and head to Health > Health Custom Fields > Define Health Fields to begin creating your custom health fields.

Step One (optional): Click the "Import" button to import health custom fields questions from the previous year into the current year view.

Helpful Tip: If you have created health custom fields questions in prior years, this feature is a huge time saver as the questions from last year will be copied to this year for you!

Step Two (optional): Click the "Edit" link to edit health custom fields questions that have been imported from the previous year.

Helpful Tip: Click the "Delete" link to delete questions that are no longer applicable or remove the checkmark from the "Current Year" checkbox to deactivate a question for the current year.

Step Three: Click the "Add Health Custom Field" link to add a new custom health question for families to answer during registration.

Step Four: Place a checkmark in the "Required" checkbox to require families to respond to this question during registration.

Step Five: Place a checkmark in the "Current Year" checkbox to activate the question in jmc Family registration for the current year.

Step Six: Select a health history category from the drop-down list or enter a custom health field question in the "Name" field to be displayed in the jmc Family portal for data collection.

Fun Fact: A list of Health History Categories is found in Health > Health History > Health History Categories.

Step Seven: Choose an option from the "Data Type" drop-down list to limit user responses to your custom health question.

  • Text: allow families to enter text to answer these health questions. Limit the amount of text space for answers by entering a character count in the "Length" field.

  • Numeric: limit family submissions to numbers only

  • Date: provide a calendar icon for families to answer questions with a date

  • Medications Table: provide a table for families to enter medication information

  • Allergies Table: provide a table for families to enter allergy information

  • Yes/No: allow families to answer Yes or No questions

Helpful Tip: If "Yes/No" is chosen and the family answers "no" you have the option of selecting a "skip to question". Use the "If the answer is 'No' skip to question:" drop-down list to select the skip to question.

Step Eight: Select a permanence choice from the radio button choices.

  • Year Specific: families answer the questions every year

  • Year Independent: the family's answer will show every year

Fun Fact: This is a great feature for families! Here you have the option to allow families to carry over their answers from a previous year, eliminating the need for re-entering the same information every year.

Step Nine: Click the "Update" button to save your question or click the "Cancel" button to discard your changes.

Step Ten: Drag and drop your health custom field questions to reorder them to appear on the list of custom field questions for families during the registration process.

Helpful Tip: Schools will order the questions in a way that makes sense for their families. For example, medication questions can be grouped together so families can easily understand and answer all of the medication questions at once before moving to another topic in the list of displayed questions.

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