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Creating custom health field questions for online registration
Creating custom health field questions for online registration

Add health-specific custom fields to collect health-related student information, including current medications, at registration time.

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Streamline the process of gathering important health-related information during online registration by utilizing health custom field questions. Creating these questions in jmc Office allows families to easily provide necessary health information, such as current medications, allergies, and more, through free text, medication tables, or allergy tables in jmc Family. These responses are then compiled and organized in the Health module of jmc Office for future reference, providing a convenient and comprehensive resource for your school's health needs.

Create custom health fields by logging into jmc Office, going to Health > Health Custom Fields > Define Health Fields.

​Step One (optional): Click the "Import" button to import health custom fields questions from the previous year into the current year view.

Helpful Tip: Save time by using the health custom fields feature in jmc Office, which automatically copies questions from the previous year for you.

​Step Two: Click the "+ Add Health Custom Field" link to add a new custom health question for families to answer during registration.

Helpful Tip: Click the "Pencil" icon to edit an existing health custom field question or click the "Trash Can" icon to delete a question.

Step Three: Place a checkmark in the "Current Year" checkbox to activate the question in jmc Family registration for the current year.

Helpful Tip: To remove a question from online registration while keeping it on your health custom field list, uncheck the "Current Year" checkbox.

​Step Four: Enter a question in the "Name" field to define the data you intend on collecting during the registration process.

Step Five: Enter information in the "Additional Information" field to provide families with additional instructions related to the health custom field question.

Step Six: Select an option from the "Data Type" drop-down list to specify the type of answer families can submit during the registration process.

  • Text: for text answers, choose the "Text" option, which is limited to the character count defined in the "Length" field

  • Numeric: for numeric answers, choose the "Numeric" option, which limits family submissions to numbers only

  • Date: for questions requiring a date as an answer, choose the "Date" option, which provides a calendar icon for families to select a date

  • Medications Table: to gather medication information, choose the "Medications Table" option, which provides a table for families to enter medication details

  • Allergies Table: to gather allergy information, choose the "Allergies Table" option, which provides a table for families to enter allergy details

  • Yes/No: for questions requiring a "Yes/No" answer, choose the "Yes/No" option, which allows families to answer using a drop-down list

Helpful Tip: Select a specific question to skip to if a family responds "No" to a "Yes/No" question by choosing the appropriate question from the "skip to" drop-down list.

​Step Seven: Select the appropriate radio button to define a "Permanence" option:

  • "Year-Specific": the field is reset every school year, and families need to provide an answer during the online registration process each year

  • "Year-Independent": the answer entered by families carries over from one year to the next, allowing them to update the information as needed or maintain their answer from the previous year

Step Eight: Click the "Update" button to save your question or click the "Cancel" button to discard your changes.

Helpful Tip: Simply drag and drop your health custom field questions to organize them in the order they should appear to families during online registration.

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