Once family usernames and passwords have been assigned, get their credentials and the jmc Family URL into families' hands so they can make use of all of the features the jmc Family software has to offer! The jmc Family URL would be something like: yourschool.onlinejmc.com. Embed this link in your school's website to afford your families easy access to your jmc Family site.

To distribute jmc Family usernames and passwords, create a label with the family username and password for each family.

Step One: Head to Attendance > Student > Lists to create a new list and name it appropriately, such as "Password Report".

Step Two: Click the "+" icon next to the "Common" category to reveal common student demographic information and click the desired demographic information to include on the label (for example: "Name First, Last").

Step Three: Click the "+" icon next to "Contact Primary" to reveal demographic information for the primary contact and click on the demographic information to include on the label (for example: "Prim Cont Last Name" and "Prim Password").

Step Four: Click the "Create Labels" button to create labels for each student's primary contacts' username and password for distribution.

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