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Create and export a student photo file
Create and export a student photo file

Create a student info file in jmc Office and provide it to your photo company to facilitate the mass photo upload process.

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Simplify bulk-uploading student photos in jmc by starting with the creation of a photo file and sharing it with your photo vendor, who will provide an import file with student images and details. Use the ready-made student photo file on the Attendance > Student > Lists page for easy export to your vendor with just a few clicks!

Log in to jmc Office and navigate to Attendance > Student > Lists to export a CSV file to provide to your photo vendor.

Step One: Select "Student Photo File" from the "Reports" drop-down list to view the premade student photo list.

Helpful Tip: Adjust the items listed on the premade "Student Photo File" (for example, "Student ID", "Name (L,F)", "Grade", etc) to meet your vendor's requirements.

Step Two: Select "Ranges" from the "Who do you want in the report? Type:" drop-down list to include all students in your school in the photo file.

Step Three: Select "Include Active Students Only" from the "Active Status" drop-down list to ensure your photo file includes only the students attending your school in the current year.

Step Four: Click the "Preview" button to view the student data in the report.

Step Five: Click the "Export Data" button to download a CSV file to your computer for sharing with your school's photo company.

Helpful Tip: Add a file name to your downloaded CSV file (for example, "My Schools 20xx Photo File") to easily locate and share the photo file from your computer with your photo company.

Step Six: Follow your photo vendor's instructions to successfully share your student photo CSV file.

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