Office professionals can enter a new student into the database with the New Student Wizard. The Wiz will walk you through the steps for entering demographic data on the Student Data page as well as other important information. Access the New Student Wizard in jmc Office and go to Edit > New Student Wizard to get started.

Fun Fact: The "New/Existing Student" pop up will ask if the student is "New to District" (has never been entered into the jmc database) or if they are a "Returning Student" (a graduated senior that was mistakenly exited and is returning).

Step One: Click the "New to District" or "Returning Student" radio button to begin entering student demographic data for your new student.

Helpful Tip: Unsure about whether the student is New/Existing? Go to "View Student Data", change the "Grade" drop-down menu to "All" and enter the new student in the "Find" field. If there is already a record of the student in your district database, they will appear here. Check for the existence of the student in past years using the same steps.

Fun Fact: Students that already exist in your database and are re-enrolling into your district are added on the Attendance > Student > Add Student page.

Step Two: Click the "New Student" button to begin entering data for your new student or click the "Cancel" button to exit the New/Existing Student pop up.

Step Three: Enter Last Name, First Name, Gender, and Grade, in the appropriate fields and drop-down list to enter a student into the database.

Step Four: Remove the checkmark from the "Active", "Attendance", "State Reporting", "Rank" or "Honor Roll" checkboxes to have the student not included in those categories or simply leave the checkbox checked to keep the student included.

Fun Fact: Place a checkmark in the "Special Considerations" or "Gifted/Talented" checkbox if the student should be marked for either of these programs.

Step Five: Enter the remainder of the demographic items on the "General" tab in the appropriate fields or drop-down lists to complete your record.

Helpful Tip: In a rush? Come back later instead to enter the remaining demographic items when you have the information readily available.

Fun Fact: Since this is a new student and you have yet to determine their eligibility skip the "Eligibility" section of the "General" tab.

Step Six: Click either of the "Save" buttons on the page to save the student into the database.

Helpful Tip: If you have already moved up your data for the coming school year, you will see a message asking whether you want the student added to the next year as well as the current year. Click the "Yes" button to add the student to the next year or click the "No" button to add the student to the current year only.

Step Seven: Select the date from the "Day" list box to set the starting enrollment date for the new student.

A few fun facts

  • Iowa, Nebraska, and Wisconsin Schools: Did the student enroll over the Summer? Select the first day of School from the "Day" list box to set the starting date for the new student as the first day of school.

  • Minnesota Schools: Did the student join over the Summer? Click the "Skip Add" button at the bottom of the screen to skip adding and selecting an enrollment code as jmc will automatically enroll the student on the first day of school.

Step Eight: Select the appropriate entry code from the "Entry Code" drop-down list to specify the condition under which the student is entering the district (Enrolled, Open-Enrolled In, Tuitioned-In, etc).

Step Nine: Enter any other applicable enrollment information using the appropriate fields, drop-down lists, and checkboxes to categorize the student entry for state reporting purposes.

Helpful Tip: In a rush? Come back later instead to enter the remaining enrollment information when you have the information readily available.

Step Ten: Click the "Add" button to save the newly added student into the database.

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