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Enter a new student with the New Student Wizard
Enter a new student with the New Student Wizard

The New Student Wizard is the easiest and quickest way to add new students to your jmc data.

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The New Student Wizard provides the most efficient path for entering a new student or a returning fifth year senior to your school's database. The Wiz will walk you through the necessary steps for entering new or returning student data to ensure appropriate information is ready to share with the Department of Education. Simply enter basic demographic and enrollment data with the New Student Wizard to add a new student in jmc Office.

In jmc Office head to Edit > New Student Wizard to enter a new student.

Step One: Choose the "New to District" or "Returning Student" radio button to begin entering a student into your database.

  • New to District: a student that has never been entered into your jmc database.

  • Returning Student: a graduated senior that was exited from your database and is returning to your school.

Helpful Tip: Simply select a returning student from the "Find Returning Student" drop-down list and click the "Accept Student" button to re-enter a graduated senior to your database.

Step Two: Click the "New Student" button to begin entering data for your new student or click the "Cancel" button to exit the New/Existing Student pop-up.

Step Three: Enter Last Name, First Name, Gender, and Grade, in the appropriate fields and drop-down list to enter a student into your database.

Step Four (optional): Enter the appropriate student information on the "General" tab to complete your student record or skip this step and return to the View Student Data page after entering enrollment data to enter the remainder of the student information.

Step Five: Click either of the "Save" buttons on the page to add the student into your database and advance to the student enrollment record page.

Step Six: Select a date from the "Day" list box to set the starting enrollment date for the new student.

A few fun facts:

  • Iowa, Nebraska, and Wisconsin Schools: Did a student enroll over the Summer? If so, select the first day of school from the "Day" list box to set the starting date for the new student as the first day of school.

  • Minnesota Schools: Did a student join over the Summer? Click the "Skip Add" button to skip adding a student as jmc will automatically enroll the student on the first day of school.

Step Seven: Select the appropriate entry code from the "Entry Code" drop-down list to specify the condition under which the student is entering the district (for example, Enrolled, Open-Enrolled In, Tuitioned-In, etc).

Step Eight: Enter any other applicable enrollment information using the appropriate fields, drop-down lists, and checkboxes to categorize the student entry for state reporting purposes.

Step Nine: Click the "Add" button to save the newly added student with a start date and enrollment code or "Skip Add" to add that information at a later date.

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