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Editing custom fields on the View Student Data Custom tab
Editing custom fields on the View Student Data Custom tab

Custom fields for a student are viewable and editable on the Custom tab found on the View Student data page.

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Custom fields, including answers to custom field questions answered during registration, are displayed on the View Student Data page. You will see a list of all the custom fields that you asked during registration and the family's answers. But things can change! Maybe the family has a new doctor, or health insurance, or maybe the student wishes to change his/her mind about driving a car to school. No worries. You can edit the answers under the "Custom" tab.

Let's take a look at the steps to make adjustments to the custom field data stored for a student. In jmc Office go to View Student Data and look for the "Custom" tab, if you don't see the "Custom" tab make sure you are logged into the building level.

Step One: Click the "Edit" link next to a custom field you'd like to modify.

Step Two: Enter the new or modified information in the "Value" field to update your custom field record.

Helpful Tip: Click the calendar icon next to the date field to quickly select a date from the date picker.

Step Three: Click the "Update" link next to the field to save your new response, or "Cancel" to cancel your edits without saving.

Helpful Tip: Custom fields may be defined for the school year by navigating to File > Define Custom Fields.

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