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Adding a photo for an individual student
Adding a photo for an individual student

Upload a student photo in jmc Office for a student who enrolled after the school pictures were taken.

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jmc offers convenient access to student photos on the View Student Data page, particularly when there's a need to individually add or update photos for specific students. If a student missed picture day, you can easily attach a photo to their profile on the "Photo" tab to ensure an up-to-date image. This updated photo will then seamlessly appear in jmc Teacher, Point of Sale, and the jmc mobile applications, aiding your staff in easily identifying students.

In jmc Office head to the View Student Data page and navigate to the "Photo" tab to add or update a student photo.

Step One: Select the student needing a photo by entering their name in the "Find" field.

Step Two: Click the "Change Photo" link to begin uploading a photo for the selected student.

Step Three: Click the "Select" button to select the student photo you'd like to import into jmc and click the "Open" button to begin uploading them to your jmc database.

Step Four: Click the "Save" button to update your changes to the student's photo.

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