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View external communication detail

View all call, email and text message communication sent via the office, teacher portal, and coaches app for audit purposes.

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Effortlessly stay organized and in control of your communication with jmc's "External Communication Detail Log." Access and review call, email, and text messages sent through the Office and Teacher portals, as well as the Coaches/Activities app. With the "External Communication Detail Log", you can easily view important details like sender information, sending time, recipients, and message content. Plus, the search feature allows you to quickly locate messages within specific date ranges.

Head view external communications, head to Message Center > External Communication Detail Log

Step One: Select the message type from the drop-down list to view emails, calls, text messages, or all messages.

Step Two: Enter the "From Date" and "To Date" in the appropriate fields to specify the date range of the logged messages you'd like to view or click the calendar icon.

Step Three: Click the "Preview" button to view the selected messages sent in the set date range.

Step Four: Click the ">" symbol next to an entry to view the following expanded details of that communication entry:

  • The user that sent the message (teacher, coach, etc.)

  • How the user chose the recipient list (i.e. by activity, by class, etc.)

  • The actual text of the message

  • A list of contacts who were not messaged due to error

  • A list of contacts who were messaged

Step Five: Click the "Print" button to print a copy of this report.

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