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If a student has been added to your database by mistake, it may be necessary to delete them and all associated data from your jmc database.

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In specific and rare cases, it may be necessary to delete a student and all related data from your jmc database, especially if the student was added by mistake. Deleting a student permanently eliminates their data from jmc, but it's important to note that this action cannot be reversed, so it should only be used when absolutely necessary and when no student records should exist in the system.

To delete a student from your jmc database, log in to jmc Office at the district level and head to Edit > Delete a Student.

Step One: Select the student to be deleted by entering their name in the "Find" field.

Helpful Tip: You can remove a student from jmc under the following circumstances:

  • When a student is registered using the "New Student Wizard" or the "New Enrollment" portal but does not actually attend school.

  • In the case of a student who has been mistakenly entered into the system.

Step Two: Click the "Delete" button to delete the student from your jmc database for the current year.

Helpful Tip: If the student is withdrawing from school after being in attendance for the current school year utilize the "Drop Student" feature to maintain records but remove the student from "Active" status.

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