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Make mass changes to student information fields
Make mass changes to student information fields

Mass change fields allows bulk changes to specific student information fields for all students within a grade level.

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Instead of adjusting data one student at a time, use Mass Change Fields to change all students in a grade level to a new value at once. With only a few clicks, all students in a grade level changed to the same value!

Use the mass change fields option to set any of the following fields for students: building number, resident district number, attending district number, graduation date, entry date into the district, entry date into school, resident, county, locker number, locker combination, advisor, and tag group.

In additional to those fields available to all states, there are state-specific changeable fields as well, including:

  • Minnesota: Transportation Code, Percent Enrolled, Minutes Per Day, and State Aid Category

  • Iowa: Home Language Survey Date, Resident County, and Resident District

  • Wisconsin: High School Completion Credential, Graduation Date, and Promotion

  • Nebraska: Crisis Event

Log into jmc Office at the district level and head over to Edit > Mass Change Fields to learn how to select a field, the new value, and which students to change.

Step One: Select the student information field you would like to change from the "Change" drop-down list.

Helpful Tip (Wisconsin Only): When logged into the district building, give all seniors a graduation date and an HS Completion Credential of "R" by selecting "HS Completion Credential" from the "Change" drop-down list and entering an "R" in the "new value field" to mark graduating seniors with a Regular Diploma.

Helpful Tip (Nebraska Only): When logged into the district building, ensure all seniors have a graduation date for proper state reporting. Select "Graduation Date" from the "Change" drop-down list and enter the graduation date in the "New Value" field to update all seniors.

Step Two: Enter a new value for the selected information field in the "new value" field.

Step Three: Select the grade level of students you'd like to update to the new value in step three from the "grade level" drop-down list.

Step Four: Select "don't change it" from the "If a student already has a value" drop-down list to only affect students with no current value for the selected field in step two or select "overwrite it" from the drop-down list to always update to the new value.

Step Five Select the appropriate active status choice from the "Active Status" drop-down list to filter which students will be changed to the new value.

Step Six: Click the "Find Students" button to view a preview of how many students will be affected by your current selections.

Step Seven: Click the "Update Students" button to update the selected student information field to the entered new value. A pop-up alert will ask you to confirm that you'd like to make your mass update to student data.

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