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Reports and data lists in jmc
Reports and data lists in jmc

jmc comes equipped with reports and customizable lists for all of your data mining needs!

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In today's data driven world of education, data specialists engaged in data based decision making need to look no further than jmc! With over 150 pre-defined reports, an endless array of customizable reports available, and an ever-so-handy Admin Dashboard, jmc leads the way in meeting all of your data mining needs! Discover all of the reports available from state reporting to student lunch accounts!

Admin Dashboard

Busy administrators need quick access to the student data that will best help them make day to day educational decisions. The Admin Dashboard provides a snapshot of all the important data points impacting the students in your district so you can make informed decisions that will have a positive impact on your students!

  • Select student groups by grade, advisor, teacher, activity or create your own list of random students to narrow the field of students in your report.

  • Choose from a variety of student demographic, academic, attendance, behavioral and financial data to create a custom view of the information you need to see.

  • Create Early Warning-At Risk parameters and receive emailed reports that help you stay current with the population of students that need the most attention.

  • Access teacher gradebooks so you can view formative data as teachers enter it!

Pre-defined Reports

Administrators and office professionals need access to the information that keeps the school running. Whether you're looking at student attendance information, determining budgets for food service or everything in between, jmc's pre-defined reports provide the data you are looking for!

  • Each module in jmc comes equipped with pre-defined reports building a catalogue of user-suggested data points.

  • The "Reports" section of each module contains multiple reports with a variety of data points to display the most frequently sought after data.

  • Limit the field of data included in the report by narrowing the range of students, dates, courses, etc. displayed.

  • Print reports for hard copies of records or export reports to CSV files to sort or filter your data even further.

  • The state menu tree item provides access to all of the reports you would submit for state reporting.

Customizable Reports

If pre-defined reports are not enough or you need a specialized list of any student data in jmc, the Attendance > Students > Lists feature will get you the information you are looking for! Choose student data items from any and all of the modules in jmc and create your custom report with any combination of data in your database. With jmc's customizable reports, your data mining options are endless.

  • Expand any of the student data categories to reveal items associated with hundreds of fields in jmc.

  • Select any combination of student data items that meet your reporting needs no matter how obscure they may be!

  • Need to see students with a last name that starts with "N" through "Z" that have an August birthday? No problem! Narrow the ranges of any of the information included in your report to view the exact data you need to see!

  • Print reports for hard copies of records or export reports to CSV files to sort or filter your data even further.

  • Save your customized report for the future and run it as needed to include information that has been updated in your database.

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