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Running a "Membership Count" report
Running a "Membership Count" report

The "Membership Count" report provides the number of students enrolled each day for a specified range of days, specified by gender.

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Generating a "Membership Count" report is a convenient way to monitor your student body's demographic changes. Select a date range, and the report offers an overview of your student population by grade level and gender for each date within that range, helping you track enrollment over time.

Head to Attendance > Reports > Membership Count in jmc Office to run the report.

Step One: Select dates from the "Day From" and "Day To" boxes to specify the date range of the "Membership Count" report.
โ€‹Helpful Tip: To print the report for a specific range of county, resident, or transported codes, remove the checkmark from the "All Codes" checkbox and specify the appropriate range in the "From" and "To" fields.

Step Two: Click the "Preview" button to view the membership count report.

Step Three: Click the "Print" button to print the report for future reference.

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