Printing period attendance form letters from jmc allows you to easily communicate with families when student absences are on the rise by providing you and your families with an attendance snapshot. Foster important communication about attendance concerns and share those concerns with families to get on the same page and turn the trend around. Simply review the form details, select the students, and then elect to email or print the attendance letters and get them into the hands of families.

To get started printing period attendance form letters head to Period Attendance > Reports > Form Letters.

Step One: Select the form to be printed from the "Select Form" drop-down list.

Helpful Tip: If you'd like to view or edit details of the selected form, click the "Show Form Configurations" button. Then, click the "Edit" link to edit the details of your period attendance form letter from the appropriate drop-down lists.

Step Two: Select a radio button from the "Select" box to identify which students will be included on the selected form. Then fill out the appropriate fields highlighted below.

  • By Random: select one or more students by entering their name or student ID in the "Find" field

  • By Grade: enter a grade level range in the "From" and "To" drop-down lists

  • By Advisor: enter a range of advisor IDs in the "From" and "To" fields

Step Three (optional): Place a checkmark in the "Sort By Primary Contact" checkbox to group multiple student reports by the same primary contact.

Step Four (optional): Place a checkmark in the "Print at most one form per Primary Contact" checkbox to put multiple students on one report if they have the same primary contact.

Step Five (optional): Place a checkmark in the "Primary Contact – Print only intended recipient’s contact data" checkbox to print only that contact's personal data on the form letter.

Step Six (optional): Place a checkmark in the "Include Period Zero" checkbox to include attendance records for schools that utilize a before- or after-school programs with required attendance.

Step Seven (optional): Place a checkmark in the "Email if Possible" checkbox to email the form to a contact instead of printing their form.

Helpful Tip: If you placed a checkmark in the "Email if Possible" checkbox enter a "Reply to" email address in the "Reply to email address" field to accept reply emails.

Step Eight: Click the "Print" button to print or save a pdf copy of your attendance form letters.

Step Nine: Click the "Create Corresponding Discipline Records" button to record attendance infractions in each student's permanent discipline record preventing the student from receiving a duplicate letter in the future.

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