Need a list of all primary contacts in your district or a list of emergency contacts with their related students? Print a contact directory report in jmc Office for a comprehensive list of all contacts in your jmc data! Select the contact type and view their address, phone numbers, and associated students, including the student grade level and even cell phone number. Everyone's contact info is at your fingertips!

Get a contact directory report in jmc Office by going to Attendance > Contacts > Print Contact Directory.

Step One: Select the contact type from the "Print Directory for Contact Type" drop-down list to filter the report for a specific contact type.

Step Two: Click the "Preview" button to view the report with the selected contact type.

Helpful Tip: The report will list each contact's name, the students they are associated with, their address, and phone numbers for a quick lookup whenever you may need to reach out to a family.

Step Three: Click the "Print" button to print a copy of the report or click the "Export" button to export the report to a CSV text file.

Helpful Tip: The contact directory will be printed for the selected contact type. Need a report for a different contact type? Repeat steps one through three and select a different contact type in step one.

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