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Understanding Absent/tardy form letters
Understanding Absent/tardy form letters

Absent/tardy letters are the perfect way to streamline communication to families using attendance information already collected in jmc!

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Administrators and office professionals can save time and keep families in the loop regarding important attendance information with a little help from the form designer and the Attendance module! Create a custom letter with the form designer, run the form letter attendance report to create a letter for students that have reached a specified number of absences and complete the record with a discipline entry!

Check out how the Form Designer, Attendance and Discipline modules in jmc all work together for a complete communication and record keeping system!


Collect and track student absences and tardies with the attendance modules in jmc Teacher and jmc Office. Run attendance reports to identify when attendance issues are becoming a problem for your students and open lines of communication with your families to get student attendance on the right track!

  • Classroom Attendance: teachers collect student attendance and submit it in jmc Teacher to the office for processing

  • Edit Reasons and Cutoffs: define the reasons that cause student absences along with the number of periods constitute half and full day absences

  • Edit Attendance: process student attendance by supplying a reason for absence or tardiness and marking it excused or unexcused in jmc Office

  • Form Letter report: run a form letter report in jmc Office to send an attendance letter to families and simultaneously create a discipline record for the student file

Form Designer

With jmc's Form Designer create a fully customizable form letter to send to families when the need for communication arises! Allow jmc to automatically pull the appropriate information into the letter so you can skip the task of finding all of the information manually!

  • Custom tools: customize your message for parents using free form text boxes to enter universal information, add headers, logos, images and more

  • Student Information: include placeholders for student names, addresses, school year, and more that will automatically pull student data into the form letter

  • Attendance items: include summaries, reasons, tardies, totals and more customizable attendance information

  • Templates: create an absence letter and use it as the template for future absence letters. Simply change the attendance information within your form


The Discipline module in jmc allows you to track all student behaviors to provide an accurate picture of a student's social, emotional and behavioral health. Keep track of the behaviors that impact student growth including school attendance.

  • Edit Problem Behaviors: create an attendance "problem behavior" such as "5 Days Unexcused Absence" to use when attendance is becoming an issue

  • Create Corresponding Discipline Records: with the click of a button, create a discipline record when you send an attendance letter home using the pre-defined problem behavior


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