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Items from the standards and benchmarks report cards choices list
Items from the standards and benchmarks report cards choices list

You're going to love the predefined list of custom fields jmc has ready for your custom standards and benchmarks report cards.

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jmc takes drag-and-drop to a whole new level. This article details what items you can include on a standard and benchmark report card simply by dragging them in place.

Free-form Drawing Items 

  • Text: This is a text box that allows the user to enter any text they choose. Once a text item is placed on the form, the user may double-click on the text in the box to edit it.
    Helpful Tip: Text in a text box will appear the same on all report cards when printed.

  • Line: This is used to create lines on the form, such as a border between the header and the body of the form. 

  • Rectangle: This is used to create rectangles on the form. 

Date and Time School Demographic Data Items 

  • Current date: <<Current Date>> 

  • The current school year, formatted YYYY-YYYY: <<School Year>>

  • School logo (or other image): <<Image>>

Student Specific Demographic Data Items
Student demographic data items are specific to the students for whom the standard and benchmark report card(s) will be printed. 

For example, if standard and benchmark report cards are to be printed for all students in the First Grade and the <<Name (L,F)>> item is contained on the form within Form Designer, then the names of the appropriate First Grade students will be listed on each report card that is printed.

The following student demographic items may be included on a custom form: 

  • Image: <<Image>>

  • Student Photo: <<Student Photo>>

  • Student ID: <<Student ID>>  

  • Last Name, First Name: <<Name (L,F)>>  

  • Last Name, First Name and Middle Name: <<Name (L,FM)>> 

  • Grade Level: <<Grade>> 

  • Gender: <<Sex>> 

  • Locker Number: <<Locker>>  

  • Bus Number: <<Bus #>> 

  • Birth Date: <<Birth Date>> 

  • Social Security Number: <<Soc Sec #>> 

  • State ID: <<State ID>> 

  • Building Number: <<Building #>> 

  • Resident District Number: <<Resident Dist>>  

  • Student Height: <<Height>>

  • Student Weight: <<Weight>>

  • Advisor (teacher): <<Advisor>> 

  • Advisor (teacher) Email Address: <<Advisor Email>>  

  • Benchmark Name: <<Benchmark>>

  • Benchmark Result: <<Benchmark Result>>

  • Benchmark Comment: <<Benchmark Comment>>

  • Autofill Benchmark Grid - Quarters: Benchmark Grid Qtrs

  • Autofill Benchmark Grid - Trimesters: Benchmark Grid Tris

  • Standard Name: <<Standard>>

  • Standard Result: <<Standard Result>>

  • Standard Comment: <<Standard Comment>>

  • Attendance: <<Attendance>>

  • Attendance Grid - Quarters: Attendance Grid Qtrs

  • Attendance Grid - Trimesters: Attendance Grid Tris

  • Course Name: <<Course Name>>

  • Course Grade: <<Course Grade>>

  • Course Teacher: <<Course Teacher>>

  • Course Comment: <<Course Comment>>

  • Test Name: <<Test Name>>

  • Test Score: <<Test Score>>

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